Wealth Against War

Philip McMaster
2 min readNov 9, 2023

We’re in the age of ruin.

An Age of War and “Daddy Warbucks”

Self-destructive and planet-destroying billionaires.

But it’s not the fault of the wealthy alone.

We’re all responsible for these horrible outcomes,

Things are going wrong in a big way, because our delusional expectations of individual wealth have isolated us from the consequences of our investments.

The world is literally falling apart as major systemic shifts drive us toward collapse.

Civilization needs immediate and renewed investment in civilization.

It’s time to really take sides…. Switch it around from the “War Against Wealth” (status quo) to “Wealth Against War” (in solidarity with humanity)

If you are a wealthy member of your community, and you are consciously or unconsciously supporting the war machine, it’s time you Raise 3 fingers in solidarity with humanity and commit your Wealth Against War.

We are assembling exceptional Citizens of ConscienceLAND to be included in a decentralized ConscienceCouncil… as community leaders to guide and help ALL people shift to a new civilizational team. NOT based on power, dominance, conflict, acquisition and war, but instead, focused on peaceful solutions, harmony and prosperity.

Raise 3 fingers for the creation of the TriDigital Commission — countering war with the peaceful, decentralized people-and-community-centered creation of a better world.

3 finger gesture inside a green circle, symbolizing balance between Society, Environment and Economy

Peace Plus ONE, Join the FUN.

An initiative of SustainaClaus and the fellows of the McMaster Institute, Hong Kong.

Interested in Participation, Support or Investment in this effort?


or ExtinctionSolution.com/donate

contact {@} mcmaster institute [.] com for direct options.



Philip McMaster

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